Sunday, May 8, 2011

What works for you?

Yesterday’s KDA chat room chat was interesting.  Our topic was “What works for you?”  I asked, “What have you found that helps improve your quality of life?”

Safety is Job 1

Some of the items (some big and some small) that have been instrumental in improving the quality of my life are:
  • Jar/bottle openerWithout this little instrument I would be asking my wife for help all the time.
  • Bed pedestals This elevates the bed to a good height for easier exiting.
  • Adjustable height shower stoolI love my showers and they would not be safe without this stool.
  • Removable grab bars for the shower Safety is ‘job #1’ at our house.  And, if you are traveling somewhere, take them with you.
  • Wheelchair’s elevated seatThis helped make life a lot easier. It is easier to stand up and also allows me to be closer to eye-level height when visiting.
  • VMI equipped van I am now safer and freer to travel alone.
  • TalletteI never go anywhere without this because commode heights are way to low.
  • Recliner with elevated seatWithout this I would have to spend a lot more time in my wheelchair.
  • Rechargeable screwdriver and socket set Lightweight, but very handy.  It allows me to still do a lot of repairs and maintenance.
  • Golf cart This allows me to visit neighbors, get outdoors and commune with nature, and take my dog for walks several times a day.
Now it is my turn to ask for you to take a few moments  to let me know, “What have you discovered that makes your quality of life safer and better?”  In other words, “What works for you?

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