Thursday, May 12, 2011

Three Month Update on Dustasteride

It is hard to believe that it is three months already since I started taking dutasteride.  Time flies whether you are having fun or not.

I decided to breakdown this report into sections.

  • In this area I have seen the most improvement.
  • My long exercise program has increased 30-40 minutes (100-110 minutes) and I could even go longer.  My short exercise program has increase by 5-10 minutes.  I have not intentionally tried to increase the length of these programs, it just came naturally as a result of the ease of performing each exercise.
  • I have added more weight or reps (or both) to every exercise.  All reps have increased by 25-36% without causing any problems. 
  • My muscles feel different after I exercise … pumped and strong … if that makes sense.
  • I do not feel fatigued afterward.
Other Observations:
  • I just realized the other day I have not had any aches or pain for at least a couple of months.  Living with deep muscle aches became a part of my life for several years.  It sure it nice not having them.
  • I do not seem to have the fluctuations in weakness and energy that I was experiencing.  Only occasionally have I had a down day for energy, but they are nothing like the lows I felt a few months ago.
  • Some basic daily routines that were becoming more difficult are now easy, or at least easier.  This includes lifting dishes or other objects above my head (ex. removing dishes from high kitchen cabinets).
  • I feel much more secure (comfortable) standing.  My knees have not buckled in a long time.  When I stand now, the strength in my  quads give me a sense of confidence.
  • Other people (my dentist for example) are beginning to comment on specific changes they have seen. 
Side Effects:
  • I am eating a little more (more hungry), but that could be do to the increase in my exercise program.  I have not gained any weight, so what I am consuming must be burning up.
  • No other side effects that I am aware of.

Granted, it has only been three months and I do not know what tomorrow will bring, but I am really enjoying this experience right now.

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