Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Necessity is the mother of invention

This last year I wrote a couple of articles about my new wheelchair.  My Permobil C300 is great and has made life much easier for me.  The seat lift is wonderful and makes transferring to other chairs effortless and worry free.  Last week, however, I discovered a new use for the seat. 

Permobil C300 
I was in the office sitting in my desk chair working on the new KDA website.  The chair height is a little less than needed, so I use a cushion to raise it a few more inches.  The chair is also on wheels and this normally does not create a problem. 

This morning, however, I was not feeling quite as strong and when I pushed off with my arms and leaned forward, the chair slid backwards.  I could not catch myself and ended up sitting on the floor.  I tried getting up, but just did not have the strength.  My wife was gone for the day and my options were limited. 

I was wearing myself down quickly trying different positions and angles.  If I did not come up with a solution soon, I would have to dial “H” for help (i.e., call a neighbor or friend who was available).


As I sat there considering what else to try I looked at my wheelchair and thought, “What if …”  I crawled over to the chair and lowered the seat.  I then moved a folding chair so that it was near the front of the wheelchair.  I laid my upper torso on the wheelchair seat and pushed the “up” button.  Walla!  My body rose up and up and up.  I reached behind, pulled the folding chair closer, and leaned back. 

EUREKA!  I was sitting comfortably on the chair and could get up without a problem.  Afterward as I wiped down the Permobil, I muttered “sweet nothings” to it.  It seemed to sense how I was feeling.  The whirl and hum of the electric motors seemed to say it was pleased with itself.  Mission accomplished!

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  1. Excellent thought process, Bruce! Thankfully I have managed to work out a way of returning to the vertical each time I have fallen. Sometimes it can take a little crawl through a patch of mud to a fence or some other permanent structure. My darling wife always knows when I have fallen outside with a patch of mud on backside or knees a tell-tale sign. I try to remember to take my mobile phone with me just in case I need to call on help.


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