Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Swim Training Improves Muscle Function in Mouse Model of ALS, Study Shows

I know of several men with Kennedy's Disease (SBMA) who expressed how good they felt and how much better/safer their exercise routine is in the pool. I never tried it. Below is an article on the benefits of swim training in mouse models with ALS. Clink on the header below to read the entire article or go to the bottom of this page and follow the link to the actual published report.

Swim Training Improves Muscle Function in Mouse Model of ALS

... Findings revealed that ALS mice had reduced muscle strength (70% less between 11 and 15 weeks), and showed significant alterations in energy metabolism (30% less citrate synthase activity, and higher activities of cytochrome c oxidase and malate dehydrogenase), and high levels of oxidative stress markers compared with controls.

However, swim training reduced the loss of muscle strength associated with ALS (5% less between 11 and 15 weeks), and increased citrate synthase activity by 26% compared with ALS mice that did not undergo swim training.

According to previous studies, swim training prolongs the lifespan of ALS mice by 10% to 13%. However, “from a clinical point of view, not only prolongation of lifespan, but also sustained functionality and inhibition of muscle waste are critical elements of therapy,” the study said.

“In agreement with previously published data, swim training significantly decreases the reduction in muscle strength clearly visible at the symptomatic stage of ALS, . . . reduces oxidative stress, and improves muscle energy metabolism at terminal stage of the disease,” the researchers stated.

“Our findings indicate that swim training is a modulator of skeletal muscle energy metabolism with concomitant improvement of skeletal muscle function in ALS mice,” they concluded.

Here is the link to the report on the study:  https://www.mdpi.com/1422-0067/20/2/233/htm

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  1. I received an email from a gentleman in Michigan on his pool therapy routine and felt I should share it.

    I am 69 and have Kennedy's Disease. I can walk slowly around my home with no assistance and use a cane when out and about. Use a wheel chair when I know I may be on my feet for a long time.

    I attend physical therapy at a local facility using their heated pool. One hour each session, two sessions a week. I do a variety of exercises using my legs and arms. My family doctor OK'd this treatment and Medicare pays for it up to a certain amount of money per year. The therapy obviously will not cure me but it does help to maintain and slightly improve my ability to get around. I feel somewhat weaker the day after therapy, better the next day and stronger the third day. Then another session. The water allow me to work my muscles without straining them. And your balance is much better in the water. Start slow and work up under the guidance of a trained therapist. I would highly recommend it. If you need more information, please let me know.


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