Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Journey – Finding the Spirit to Continue On

I have written about the journey several times over the last six years. It would have been interesting if I started this blog while I was in the early days of learning to live with Kennedy’s Disease. I am certain my perspectives have changed dramatically – hopefully for the better.

Regularly readers contact me or comment on a post. I love hearing from you because it reinforces that we are all in this together. We reach out when we are in trouble. We help whenever we can. We learn from each other. And, we share that knowledge with others who are also finding their way in this new world.

Last night while transferring from my chair to the bed, I flashed on how accepting I have become of this evolutionary process I am experiencing. My daily routines are much the same, but they have been modified many times to accommodate my capabilities. When a loss of a capability first happens, there is always some frustration and angst. After the initial, “Oh no, not that too,” follows with a period of experimentation. Can leverage solve the problem? Can a tool or aid help? If none of the experiments work, the next question is can my wife do it?

Someplace in the middle of this process of discovery, I end up asking two questions –
“How important is it?”    
“What if I can’t find a solution?”

Initially, there is often the belief that I’ll never be able to survive without that. I call it the end of the world scenario. This was especially apparent when I could no longer perform the work that I loved. Somehow I survived and life went on. 

Through the forty years of the progression I learned a valuable lesson. My spirit is a lot stronger than I ever imagined. And, if my spirit is willing, I will find a way.

Acceptance allows the spirit to remove most of the stumbling blocks we face. Once they are removed, the spirit finds a way to move on with our lives. There is an old adage that is appropriate. “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

There is another one I like from Alexander Volkov. “Your journey never ends. Life has a way of changing things in incredible ways.”

If you believe this, then EMBRACE THE JOURNEY.

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