Saturday, June 25, 2016

Social Security - Disability (SS-D)

     Back in 2009, I documented my success in applying for Social Security – Disability (SS-D). Since then I received numerous emails from users of this process thanking me for the posts and the SS-D Guide. Today I received another thank you from a gentleman in Texas who used the process. I want to share his success as well as provide links to the articles and guide for those considering SS-D.

“Bruce, Thank you for your 20 page SS-D publication.  I've used quite a few tips from there.         
I was diagnosed with KD in September 2009 at age of 52.  I decided to apply for SSDI in May. I submitted my application (a lot of forms and whatever medical records I had) to my county SSA Office in person on 05/26/16 and was given another 8-page form (SSA-3373-BK, Function Report - Adult) which I completed and mailed. So by 06/03/16 they had all the information.

I received a letter from SSA dated 06/17/16 that I'm entitled to monthly disability benefits beginning November 2016 (required waiting period). That's acceptance in only three weeks from my initial application and two weeks from the time they had the other form”

     Below are three links (the PDF SS-D Guide and the two blog posts) for those considering applying for Social Security – Disability. Please keep me informed of the results of your application process.


  1. I have to apply for those benefits soon, too, and I am dreading the process. From what I can read in your post, it looks like you had great success doing it your way. I hope to report back that everything worked out for me just like it did for you. I hope to get it right the first time without issue.

    Randy Lawrence @ Goldin Legal

  2. Good luck, Randy. One key to success is to have plenty of documentation of everything that has and is happening to you. Another key is patience. If you are denied, try try again.


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