Thursday, June 30, 2016

Accessible Air Travel; Let members of Congress know it's important

Back in May I posted an article on Accessible Air Travel and what is being done to improve our travel experiences.

The MDA Advocacy Group has posted the following message asking for everyone's support to help push this through..

Take Action for Accessible Air Travel

Thank you to everyone who has joined us in advocating for increased access to air travel.  Many of you contacted your Senators previously, encouraging them to include provisions to increase air travel accessibility in the FAA reauthorization.  All four of those provisions were included in the final version that passed the Senate by an overwhelming vote of 95-3, thanks in part to the actions of many advocates.  

As you will recall, the accessible travel provisions in the Senate bill call for:
1) studying the use of in-cabin wheelchair restraint systems, 
2) identifying best practices in airport accessibility, 
3) examining training policies regarding assistance for disabled air travelers and 
4) creating an advisory committee with diverse stakeholders to investigate and report to Congress on the needs of passengers with disabilities. 

The same provisions that would increase access to air travel for passengers with disabilities, however, are not included in the current version of the FAA reauthorization in the House of Representatives.  The House and Senate are now considering how to move forward and an extension may be the first step.

Please TAKE ACTION TODAY to let your members of Congress know that accessible travel provisions are important to passengers with disabilities, and that as they work out an agreement, we urge them to include the provisions in any final FAA reauthorization or in any action that would extend the FAA’s current operating authority.

If you would like to help by contacting your representatives, please follow this link:  TAKE ACTION NOW

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