Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Baby Steps

I don’t know about you, but after a serious fall that involved an injury, getting back on the horse is no easy task. Yes, I know it needed to be done, but I constantly asked myself, “Am I ready?”

After two weeks of sponge baths, yesterday I decided I was ready to take a shower. I thought I was ready on Monday, but I second guessed myself and put it off. Yesterday, when I came back from taking my dog for a walk (I ride and he walks), I told my wife, “Let’s do it.”

During the process of undressing and preparing to step into the shower, there were several moments that I paused and considered if this was the right time to try it. My metatarsal still isn’t healed; nor is the sprain. And, the left hyper-flexed knee still gives me some problems. 

  • Should I wear a shoe to protect the foot?
  • What happens if I do more damage stepping into or out of the shower?
  • What if my left knee and foot won’t hold all of my weight?

What kept my moving forward was the affirmation, “Come on, Bruce, you’ve done this a thousand times. Just get it done.”

I find it interesting how my mind works. From day two after the injury, I started exercising the legs. This wasn’t my regular routine; just side-to-side shifts. I added ten each day until I was up to 50 reps. Next I added standing leg lifts. I started small, but within a week I was up to 70 of them. So far so good. I began taking my dog out (transferring to and from the golf cart was another milestone in the recovery process. Everything went very well and ahead of schedule.

But, taking a shower was the one thing I continued to put off. Okay, now that the shower is behind me, I am one step closer to the day I can say ‘fully recovered’. WHEW!

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