Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Apps to monitor and report on your health.

The below link to an article in HuffPost Healthy Living by Brandon Bailey of the Associated Press was posted in the KDA Forum

These type apps could be beneficial those of us living with Kennedy's Disease (SBMA) who have difficulty traveling to NIH or other distant research facilities. It appears the apps could be used to monitor certain clinical trial information including progression, side effects, gait, etc. This would have been useful for the clinical trial on exercising also. 

The article mentions that people are more involved in the studies because of these apps. They have some control and are needed to participate to monitor and send the information being collected.It was interesting to me that over 75,000 people have enrolled in studies using these type apps. 

I can see where this would be great for many studies where normally you would have to return to the hospital, doctor's office, or research facility to be tested or evaluated regularly. I would think that another benefit is the data can be more easily collected, stored and analyzed..

Of course, the comment on maintaining the privacy of the user and the information reported is still something that is a concern.

Check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks

This Phone App Lets You Contribute To Research On Your Own Disease

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