Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Redirecting our focus

Why-MeI believe we all have a tendency to become a little myopic at times. It generally happens when something traumatic happens in our lives. It could be a breakup, a divorce, a serious illness, being diagnosed with an incurable disease, or a death in the family. Focusing on our feelings and fears is something that is natural at a time like that. We need to process it, before we can eventually accept it and move on the best we can. Often, however, we become so entrenched in this event that it takes something even more traumatic to shake us out of this inward trance.

This week, the entire Northeast is going through a major disaster …Sandy-CNN something named the ‘perfect storm’. It is Tuesday, and we already are hearing about and seeing the tragedy that has impacted so many and yet will personally touch millions more before it is over. The constant news reports and updates make this event real to all of us, no matter where we live and no matter what our situation.

Sandy - ABC NewsWhat is happening in the Northeast does not minimize or trivialize what we are going through. It does provide us with an opportunity, however, to refocus and reexamine our lives and our current situation in relation to what has taken place and will continue to happen to those in Sandy’s path. When something the magnitude of this ‘perfect storm’ strikes, we see what true pain and suffering really is.

Our hearts, as well as our thoughts and prayers, reach out to those that have been impacted by Sandy.

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