Friday, October 19, 2012

Dutasteride Update – 20 Months

Several readers were concerned after reading my September post, “An Interesting Week,” and asked for an update.

avodart-1As I mentioned last month, I was wondering what was going on. My experiences prior to September were very positive and exciting. Then, for one week something happened. Well, since that one week, everything has been going fine.

Fortunately, in October, I only had a couple of days were my strength was slightly off.  But. fortunately, it was only a minor issue and not enough to prohibit me from finishing my long exercise routines of 100+ minutes. And, except for those two days, I have been as strong as before that fateful week in September.

In two months it will be four years without missing one day of exercises. Obsessive … compulsive … perhaps, but there is something to be said about the benefits of exercise and dutasteride working together. The two have definitely helped me live a better life even though I have Kennedy’s Disease.


On a separate note, I mentioned about a month ago that I was focusing a lot of my time on the editing of my book. That continues to be a priority along with my KDA responsibilities. Within the next few months, however, I expect to publish several research updates from the KDA Conference in Education Symposium that was held last week. There is some exciting news that needs to be shared with all of you.

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