Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wouldn’t you like to just get away from it all?

San Juan SailAt times, it would be nice to just sail away and forget about all our troubles … at least for a day or two. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work that way. We still have to wake up the following morning and face the music.

However, having an escape mechanism is important for all of us. It is even more important for those of us with a health issue. These escapes can be any hobby or sport or activity that allows us to forget about our troubles for a moment anyway. Another activity that accomplishes the same thing is spending quality time with our loved ones, especially our children and grandchildren.

Refocusing is the key point of any of these activities. It is the ability tograndchild escape for a moment by redirecting our thoughts towards something more pleasant and interesting. And, if the object of our newfound attention is something we love to do, it can be an even more wonderful experience.

Often, when we learn about our non-treatable and incurable disease, it becomes far too easy to slip into a world of asking ‘why me’ … ‘how could this happen’ … ‘what now’ … and ‘what is the use’. And, that is why it is important to ‘refocus’ our thoughts on something more pleasant and beneficial.

If we don’t have such an activity or have given it up, perhaps it is time to find that special something we enjoy and make it a part of our life once again. With such an activity, it is possible to ‘sail away’ to a world more pleasant and acceptable at least for the moment anyway.

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