Sunday, May 13, 2012

Where would we be without our mothers?

The question is not about giving birth. It is about the kind, gentle, nurturing and loving person who is/was always there for us.

My mother made me hot chocolate every morning because I loved it. When she baked, she always made a little extra pie crust sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar because it was my favorite. My mom always found a way to make each of the holidays special … especially Christmas. She quizzed me every day for a week so I was ready for my confirmation exam. My mother stayed up all night to support me while I finished my thesis because I procrastinated for a week ahead of time. She waited up for me when I was out late to make certain I made it home safe. My mom took in my wife and child to make certain they had a loving home while I was overseas serving my country.  She wrote me every week while I was in Vietnam and sent care-packages once a month. 

I could go on, but you get the idea. While growing up, we often took our mom’s for granted, but fortunately they never took us for granted.  And, we always knew we were loved … no matter what.

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