Sunday, April 17, 2011

Two month update on taking dustasteride

Time flies …  It is hard to believe that a little over two months ago I started taking dutasteride.  I reviewed my daily journal this morning and continue to be ‘positively’  surprised.


I am sure you remember that I was impressed the first couple of weeks.  I could sense some positive changes happening.  At the same time, I thought, and occasionally still think, that it could be the ‘placebo effect’.  Whatever it is, however, the experience has been very positive. 

My long exercise program has grown to 90+ minutes every other day.  The number of reps I am performing is up a minimum of 20% and in some cases up 50%.  I find that I have to just stop an exercise, because I am not fatigued and the muscles do not seem to be any weaker.  The strongest muscle groups are the quads and the shoulders.  I have also increased my every other day routine by 20+%.

I was trying to explain to Dr. Fischbeck the other day the new sensation I have been experiencing recently.  The muscles feel different.  They feel stronger.  I feel more in control … something I have not felt in some time.

I am experiencing a kind of tightness (a positive statement) in my major muscle groups.  After my exercise program, I know I have exercised, but I do not feel fatigued.  I am not cramping.  My muscles are not twitching all over.  They are just there (if that makes any sense at all).

I am also wondering if the benefit I am seeing is because I am exercising daily.  If someone did not exercise the muscles, would they feel what I am?  Whatever is happening, it has been all positive from my perspective.
I realize the mind can play games on you and the power of the mind can accomplish almost anything, but … for what it is worth, this feels like the real thing.

I’ll keep you advised of my experiences, both good and bad.

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