Friday, November 23, 2018

Information Links for Seniors and the Disabled

I received the following email from Richard Wright. I appreciate that he took the time to send these links to me. I hope you find some of these resources informative and useful. Thanks, Richard.

"Since you have so much great info on it [LWKD blog] for individuals who are senior citizens and/or have a disability, I thought you may like to update it with a few additional life- and financial-planning resources I found in my research. They cover a variety of topics, from healthcare and insurance, to home modifications, to canine assistance, and based on the information you’ve already shared on your site, I think they’ll be extremely helpful to your readers.

Here they are:

I hope you can find a way to use these! I’ve also been working on a project where I write articles about how people can create a plan for paying for any future long-term care needs that may arise. If you think an article on that topic would be relevant for your blog, I’d be happy to write a piece for you as well."

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