Monday, June 26, 2017

It is that time again ...

Health care is in the news and it is time to take action once again. The MDA Advocacy Group is asking for our help.

Health Care Reform

As health care reform debates continue in the Senate, MDA remains committed to advocating for principles of coverage set out in conjunction with leading national patient organizations that establish key elements necessary for adequate health care coverage.  The principles require that meaningful access to care be affordable, accessible, adequate and understandable.  In addition to these elements, maintaining a robust Medicaid program is essential to ensuring our community has access to the care it needs.  In May the U.S. House of Representatives passed its version of health care reform, and now that the U.S. Senate is working on its bill, we continue to work with the Senate and encourage all members of Congress to engage in a bipartisan effort to find solutions to the challenges with access to care and with maintaining the critical protections set out in the Medicaid program.  Thank you to all advocates who reached out to your members of Congress earlier this spring to advocate for the principles of coverage and Medicaid protections.  As the Senate considers its bill this week, we urge you to again ask your senators to keep the priciples of coverage in mind when moving their bill forward, and to highlight the importance of Medicaid coverage for the neuromuscular disease community.

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