Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Remarkable Canadian invention helps physically challenged

My January 29th blog post was on a new device that might revolutionize how people with mobility issues get around. Paul Lazenby is another person living with Kennedy’s Disease. He had the opportunity to test the Keeogo walking assist device. The Keeogo is designed for people with mobility challenges, but still have balance and some core strength.

The news report shows Paul testing the device for the first time. He looks confident and comfortable. When he took an unassisted step up at about the 1:40 mark, I said, “Now that is amazing.”

I congratulate Paul for taking the time to discuss Kennedy’s Disease in the video.

Click here to watch Paul strut across the room.

Paul provided some additional information on the Keeogo.  Batteries last 45 minutes for heavy climbing, 3hrs for walking.  Batteries change out easily, and recharge in about 20 mins. There is a tension control so there is less torgue while walking and the higher setting for stairclimbing. It really does power you up the stairs.

Had it on for two and a half hours, did multiple stairs (plus the big step several times leading with either foot) and walked a fair bit outdoors. The large step would be impossible for me normally without a railing or pushing on my knee with my hands. It really does make stairs effortless for me. When I was out walking, it feels a little awkward, because it still hasn't/won't adjust to my natural rolling pirate gait .. but.. I found my self whistling, and could carry on a conversation when normally I walk with teeth clenched and very focussed.

It feels very supportive and solid. The other gentleman who you see striding by in the video has a spinal cord injury and cannot walk straight or without a cane normally, has been using the device three times a week for the last month and is doing great. the computer actually powers one of his legs more than the other to give him a natural stride which he says is helping to relieve the strains his injury is causing to the rest of his body.

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  1. This story is quite remarkable when you realize that Mr. Lazenby is a man with KD and he is already using this device successfully!

    For the time being, it is available only in Canada and not in the U.S., but it may be available in the U.S. soon.


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