Friday, July 29, 2016

Meet a Kennedy's Disease Researcher

Through my association with the Kennedy's Disease Association (KDA), I have been blessed to have contact with several researchers who daily seek a treatment or cure for Spinal Bulbar Muscular Atrophy (SBMA)..

Dr. Kenneth Fischbeck is someone I initially met before I became involved with the KDA. I saw him when he was at the University of Pennsylvania. Fortunately for me, we still maintain contact after all these years. Doctors. Andrew Lieberman and Paul Taylor are two researchers I was fortunate enough to work with during my tenure as president of the KDA. These gentlemen were always willing to answer questions and provide support for those living with our condition.

Besides these three there are several others I have been associated with, but they are only a handful of the researchers who across the globe are in the forefront of the quest for a treatment or cure.

Dr. Chris Grunseich is another researcher at NIH. I have not met him, but the video link below provides insight into his passion for helping those of us living with Kennedy's Disease.  

YouTube Video:  NIH's Chris Grunseich

Every day I am thankful for all of their efforts.

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