Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fingers and Fists

Over the last few years, my fingers and hands have become an issue. My grip isn’t as good and I
find that I drop things more often, or cannot grip things as well. The problem becomes more serious as the temperatures drop.
I tried several ways to improve my grip and use of the fingers, but nothing really worked until …
I exercised my hands and fingers every day
Prior to this, I exercised the hands and fingers every other day. Within 24 hours, I noticed some soreness. And, within 36 hours, I experienced problems again.
Since I began a routine of daily exercises, I no longer experience the soreness. Also, I don’t have the fall off in strength that I used to experience. My hands and fingers operate better and are stronger. My grip has also improved.
After moving to the daily routine, I have modified several of the exercises based upon my experiences. Do what works for you.
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  1. I found some "stress balls" at the dollar store that work fine for me. I've seen many variations over the years typically give-a-way swag. Firmer ones are available at sporting goods stores but pretty expensive IMO - considering I found a $1 solution. You can get flesh colored ones with nipples on Amazon!


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