Saturday, June 27, 2015

Do no harm!

Recovery takes patience. And, I believe I have mentioned several times over the years that patience is a virtue I do not possess. The broken metatarsal and sprain are now the most painful injury. The ligaments in the left hyperflexed knee are still sore, but manageable. I am thankful for the Toradol injection (NSAID). It is a wonder drug on my opinion because it worked wonders on me. If it wasn’t for that, I can’t imagine what the recovery process would have been like.

I miss performing my standing leg exercises every morning. Yet, I know the healing process takes time. I haven’t slowed on my upper body exercises and I continue to do most of my sitting leg exercises. This provides a certain level of satisfaction. On Wednesday I began performing side-to-side weight shifts every couple of hours. I do 24-36 shifts at a time. It is nothing like my step- in-place exercises or standing leg lifts, but it is a start. If it weren’t for the metatarsal damage, I believe I could do the step-in-place exercises. Did I mention patience somewhere in the paragraph above?

My latest affirmation is, “Do no harm.” Reminding myself of this every few hours helps, especially when I want to try something crazy (dumb).

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