Thursday, March 26, 2015

A crook in the neck

My article on March 7th discussed the neck problems I am experiencing. Thanks to all of you who offered your thoughts on what might help eliminate/minimize the issue.

The good news: The neck is better. Less aches and pain. The weakness is not quite as pronounced.

The bad news: It is still noticeable and at times it can be uncomfortable. The problem becomes less manageable while eating. Leaning over the plate strains the muscles and it isn’t long before it becomes an issue. I am currently experimenting with two options to minimize the strain.

Neck Brace: I did buy a neck brace a couple of weeks ago. It is the soft type and not very confining. I only use it when I am meditating or working at the computer for long periods. The benefit of a soft brace is that it reminds me when my head is drooping. It is then easy to correct. It does not hold the head up, however.

Exercises: I also stopped all neck exercises for a couple of weeks. About a week ago, I began performing a few neck exercises each day. These are more range of motion movements to maintain flexibility.

I’ll continue to experiment with and tweak my routines to see if the neck issue improves or becomes worse. Until then, keep your comments coming. They are appreciated.

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