Sunday, July 27, 2014

I’m Melting … I’m Melting!

clip_image002No, I’m not melting, but I am shrinking.

It seems like this last year’s wasting is more focused on my arms and shoulders. Yes, there has been wasting in the past, but it is much more noticeable now. I suppose it goes along with my ‘pencil neck’. J

When I look at my arms this morning, they are much ‘more skin than bones’. The skin hangs in certain places where there used to be muscle. I’m certain there is still some muscle there; it is just much more difficult to find.

The good news is my leg strength continues to be good. I am doing the same number of reps in all my standing exercises.

Perhaps it is time to see my physical therapist again. He can evaluate my current capabilities and, if needed, change my arm and shoulder exercises. If you haven’t been evaluated before, I highly recommend it. Just make sure the PT has experience in dealing with Kennedy's Disease or at least progressive neuromuscular conditions.

A couple of questions:
  • Have you noticed more wasting (physical appearance) in certain parts of your body?
  • What has been your experience with physical therapists?

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  1. I have noticed mine mostly in my shoulders.


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