Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nine Month Update on Dutasteride

avodart_dutasterideThe beginning of November had me a little worried. I had a difficult time performing my entire routine on Wednesday, November 2. My leg strength felt okay, but my arm strength was off. I had to back off on the number of reps or used lighter weights in some routines.

Even worse, afterward I felt weak. Normally, after my routine I feel ‘pumped’. Within a few hours I was aching, had chills and developed a cough. I then realized I was coming down withflu bug something. I had a terrible night with little sleep because of the constant coughing. I rested Thursday because I continued to feel weak and achy plus I still had a fever. That Friday I felt a little better so I decided to exercise. I had a good, strong 105 minute exercise, but I still could tell I was not fully recovered. Saturday I was feeling fine again.

Other than that ‘bug’ that I caught it has been another good month where I averaged 111 minutes of exercises every other day and 22 minutes on the light days. I still have not noticed any side effects.

 exercise-3 I am once again considering increasing some of my reps or adding more weights because some exercises have become quite easy. I do not want to overdo it, however, because I remember what happened last spring with my over exuberance. The neck weakness I experienced for about a week in May has not reoccurred (thank you very much).

Life continues to be good and I feel I made the right decision by beginning my own dutasteride trial.


  1. Hi Bruce - I am really pleased the dutasturide treatment is working for you. I started taking dutasturide about the same time as you. I am considering stopping it, I have had my worst 9 months ever. I have pain in my hands which I have never had before and I generally seem to have much less energy. I know everyone can react differently but are you aware of anyone else who has stopped this medication for side effects. Any comments welcome, John

  2. John, thanks for sharing your experiences and for your question. I will ask about the experiences of others taking this drug on the KDA forum and in my ten month update.


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