Saturday, April 3, 2010

First Impressions

Well, it was delivered Thursday. My Permobil C300 PS2 wheelchair is here and I must say, "I am impressed." It has been 40 hours and I continue to find more to like. I just took my first nap in the chair (something I never could have done comfortably in my old chair) yesterday afternoon. It was a very nice (comfortable) forty-minute experience and something I look forward to again.

So far, this is a list of the likes and dislikes of the new chair.

  • Seat cushion: It fits me like a glove and provides plenty of support.
  • Backrest: It provides tremendous support and is very comfortable. You seem to mold into the backrest.
  • Seat lift: The seat rises eight inches and makes it possible to talk almost eye-to-eye with anyone or accommodate different table heights. I can now stand up easily from the seated position.
  • Seat tilt: I was not certain I would use this feature, but I was wrong. It allows you to take the pressure off one area when sitting for long periods of time.
  • Back recline: This is a nice feature when you want to just relax or find a more comfortable position.
  • Leg lift: Again, I was not certain how much I would use this feature, but it sure makes sitting more comfortable.
  • Headrest: My other chair's headrest just seemed like an afterthought. This headrest is contoured and it can move forward, backwards, up or down.
  • Toggle switches: These allow me to operate the devices mentioned above without having to use the Profile button on the controller.
  • R-Net Controller: Some thought went into this because it is well designed, digital, and easy to read/understand. It also has the retractable joystick mount giving it the capability of sliding around and back of the armrest to help you sit closer to a table or desk.
  • Motors and transmissions: Quiet … something unheard of (or always heard) in my last chair.
  • Looks and overall design: Not only does it feel like it was made for me, it looks like it also.

  • Not as portable: It does not fit in the back of our van because the high backrest does not fold down. Until then, I have to use the old chair when we go out. We start van shopping next week. It is something we have wanted to do for some time, but decided to wait until I bought my new chair.

As you can tell, it was well worth the wait. When you adjust the backrest, seat tilt, and leg lift, you can find a great position for watching TV or just napping. To read more about the process of selecting a chair, check out these older links: Seating Specialist, C500 vs. C300, and Power Wheelchairs and Medicare Part I and Part II. And, for a little humor about wheelchairs: Top Ten Benefits.

In closing, I would like to thank Bob, one of my blog readers. Bob owns a C300 and he highly recommended it to me.


  1. Hello Bruce. its been about a month or so since I've left my last comment.I wanted to update you on my status with the MDA appointment i had. after looking at my family testing and going threw the blood work and other studies.They have finally diagnosed me with SBMA.It was a Lil scary for me for the fact that a couple of family members have ALS.I was really scared about that.But now that I know it's Kennedy's I'm A little bit at ease.Not that i wanted A disease, but for the fact it's not a terminal disease like ALS.So i figured i would drop you a line and let you know what was going on. Thank you for all the support and for this wonderful blog site.You have answered so many questions that i have had. THANK YOU Bruce

  2. Eric, thank you for your kind comments. It is always good to hear from you.

    Yes, it is a GOOD news ... BAD news situation. I will take KD over ALS any day. Let's hope that IGF-1 or J9 is an answer to the slowing of the progression.

    Don't be a stranger.

  3. This messages is from a wife of someone who was diagnosed with PLS (ALS) back in 2000. To be told your loved one only has a few years to live is the hardest thing to hear. Well, as you can see, 2010 and a recent Neurology visit has opened up the possibility of KD. We are awaiting awaiting the approval of blood work to confirm the diagnosis and start researching. We always new somthing was wrong and overtime and years we know the original PLS (ALS) diagnosis could not be correct. Not that you ever want to be diagonosed with any diseas, although knowing I will have my husband and my daughter will have her father, is something so wonderful to hear.

  4. Thank you for your comment. Yes, many of us with KD were originally diagnosed with ALS or Familial ALS. Kennedy's Disease is at least a health condition you can work with and around most of the time. If we can be assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to ask.


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